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Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Take your business farther than ever with a Zen Money Audit or Strategic Planning Deep Dive!

Ready for Your Financial Assessment?

Zen Money Audit with Liz

Wondering what’s working well in your biz and what could use a tune up? Not sure if your strategy will get you where you want to go? Having trouble breaking old money habits? Let’s figure out how you can grow your version of Zen Money® faster with a 1:1 assessment & specific-to-you recommendations for all three pillars in your unique financial house!

  • A dental cleaning for your business, it's never as painful you think it might be...and at the end, you feel squeaky clean and smiling with confidence!

  • Review what's working well, and what could use a tune up so you can grow the business you want in your own way!

  • Get an experienced sounding board to review your biz, and talk through where you'd like to and how to get there more quickly (and easily)!

Want a Full Review of Your Biz and Money Management?

Strategic Planning Deep Dive

If you've been in biz for a while now and things aren't rolling as smoothly as you'd like, it might be time to take three big steps back and take a big picture look at your biz insides & outsides. Book a strategic deep dive with Liz to map out a strategy to get you to the next level, clean up your systems & financial flow, and understand which levers to pull to bring in more money, more easily!

  • Let's go deep, and map a version of Zen Money that feels amazing!

  • Gain a 30,000-foot view, and utilize the Zen Money Strategic Planning process to grow faster!

  • Get Liz's undivided attention for half a day on your biz, and look ahead to increased revenue, easier management, and build a stronger bridge to your personal pocket!

Liz is like a secret weapon, because once she’s on your team or she’s got your back, she will have it forever. She can take someone who doesn’t want to talk about money, and create a space for you to be able to see it in a completely different way. She meets you where you are, and takes you on the journey without pushing anything on you, always going above and beyond.

Avalon Starlight

Spiritual Coach & Mentor

From our first call, I felt calmer. Liz educates you in what you should be looking out for, and she holds your hand through the process, makes you feel safe and grounded, and that you really have a grasp of it all. Even when things can go wrong in the business (because entrepreneurship is a roller coaster), Liz helps me feel under control with my finances. So I know that I can have a month where no work might come in and I’ll be okay. I think that’s a huge value of working with Liz and I highly recommend her.

Joana Galvao

Creative Director

She’s the most powerful combination of someone who’s a genius with money and with numbers (something that is not my genius) but also has a way of coaching me, loving me, encouraging me and supporting me, helping me strategize about where my business is going, and how much it’s going to cost for me to get there. I think she’s a total unicorn in the world of finance, and I would definitely not be where I am now without her guidance. ​

Megan Jo Wilson

Founder of Rockstar Camp for Women

Not sure what version of Zen Money is your next best step?

Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

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