Newsflash: Jumping Through Hoops Isn't the Fix, My Friend

Newsflash: Jumping through hoops isn't the fix, my friend!

Published August 10, 2021 | Business Strategy

Tell me if this sounds familiar:


You're not seeing the dollars you want coming into your business and you...

  • Spend thousands signing up with a marketing 'guru'...
  • Try your hand at Facebook or Google ads, to the tune of oh-so-many-dollars...
  • Think that becoming an IG reels star will finally move your money needle...
  • When one of those doesn't work, move on to the next...

I get it. I've been there, done that myself. It's an easy cycle to slip into when our biz isn't thriving as we envisioned it.


But it's a really unfortunate and toxic myth we tend to buy into.


So let's debunk that entrepreneurial tailspin right here and right now!


Advertising, marketing, social media giveaways, influencer connections - all of that external promotional hoopjumping - won't solve your problem. 


Dialing in your pricing for profit will.


It's a silly mind trap we all face. I mean, surely driving more traffic will seal the deal, right?


Unfortunately, no. That approach to growing your income guarantees one thing: that you'll spend a bunch of money that you don't have to prove that it's not the answer.


Or at least not yet.


We have to get your fees set and your offers solid before any of that external stuff can take hold and be the driver you're looking for it to be.


Why? Because your business needs (and deserves) a sound platform to engage all those new prospects, bring them into your fold, and make the money you want


And all the pretty trappings and cold sales systems are crap if your pricing isn't locked in and loaded to steer your business toward lots of profit and money in your pocket. (It's the start of your financial funnel, after all...)


I hate to be a jerk here, but let's get real...


All the fancy advertising and marketing efforts are simply fancy silk window treatments - and if the windows of your biz house (a.k.a. your pricing and offers) are cracked or broken, there's an obvious disconnect and people are just going to walk on by without ever turning into your walkway or knock on your door.


Let's get you where you want to go quicker. Let's build that super strong financial foundation that will:


👉 Get you to that 6-figure revenue line, or

👉 Allow you to take next summer off (in Italy), or

👉 Pay down that credit card debt that's been quietly bugging you for a year, or

👉 Bring home more cash every month


Spend a little time today looking at your pricing - even if it makes you want to throw up a little (especially if it makes you want to hurl).


Look at whether your rates actually drive your bottom line (a.k.a. your profit, a.k.a. what you get to take home from your business). If the answer is 'no', you've got some work to do. It doesn't have to be hard or take long...but it's essential if you want a business and not an expensive hobby.


And if you're ready to put 50% more moolah in your pocket, lock in pricing that feels amazing, and a sales strategy to get you there faster, join me in the Zero-Stress Pricing Formula here.


Just 4 simple steps in 4 days could change everything. Isn't that worth a look?


Here's to dialing in your real biz driver, once and for all!

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