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Everyone Has a Different Definition of Business Success...What's Yours?

Are you sick and tired of worrying whether your business is measuring up?

  • You’re stressing out about setting pricing for your next offer and aren’t sure if it’s going to help you scale up or not.
  • Perhaps you’re feeling a little bit nervous deep inside when someone comments on your thriving business because you’re not feeling it on the inside.

  • Or your partner or spouse is wondering when you’ll finally start making some money in your biz.

  • Secretly you’re worried you’ll never hit that 6-figure revenue nirvana or match that cushy corporate salary you left behind.

  • You’re working too hard for every dollar and you know it must be easier than this!

Imagine knowing for sure you're on the right track in your biz.

Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot

This is what your life could look like if you were fully confident in where you're headed...

  • Your offers and pricing are easy to share, and you're not leaving money on the table for all your hard work.

  • You can pay yourself consistently and well, and never again wonder if you should just go out and get job.

  • You're feeling free to focus on doing what you love, without worrying you're missing any critical steps in your biz management.

  • Your know your biz is running smoothly, and is healthy enough to be around in another 5, 10, 15...or however many years you want.

  • You can make a bigger impact in your biz, your personal life, and for your community, because you know exactly which levers to pull to bring in more money and put it to best use!

Ready to build your new reality?

- Create a business you adore that works for you.

Enjoy incredible cash flow and put it use in all areas of your life.

- Feel better about your financial decisions across the board.

- Love your new confidence and peace of mind for your business strategy, your daily financial work, and your overall relationship with money.

Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot

Everyone Has a Different Definition of Business Success...What's Yours?

When you know how to use your numbers to your advantage and manage your finances to support all areas of your life, your business will thrive, and you’ll find you’ve created your very own version of Zen Money!


Make confident strategic decisions to move your biz forward! Download your digital copy of the Biz Growth Snapshot & start building a biz you love now. If you're sick and tired of not knowing how you're measuring up in your business, this is your new favorite planning tool!

YES YES YES!! I LOVE this new tool and how it gives me a chance to play around right in the workbook. I never had a clear view of my business before and this makes it so easy to see. Thank you, Liz!

Stacey Nachajski, Owner of Embrace Social U

Let's look at...

  • What truly lights you up about your biz, and use it to continue growing.

  • What kind of team you want, or need to be successful...on your own terms.

  • Your services and offers mix, and how you can create fun and profit in your biz.

  • How much of an impact you dream of making, and what mean for your life.

  • How to step fully into your fancy CEO shoes, and finally make the money you need to make a difference!

Oh golly! I LOVE page two!!

Emily Aborn, Copywriter

Your Zen Money® Journey Begins Today!

Download your digital copy of the Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot to get started.

Do you have a solid vision for your business?

There are tons of versions of biz success out there...but few of them help you map a version you adore like the Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot does.


This brand new tool helps you see where you stand now and helps you outline how you want to grow, in your own way and on your own timeframe.


Here's the truth: You need to build a business that works for YOU (not someone else's version). And that can all start right here, right now!

Hi, I'm Liz...

Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

I know, I know... Who needs yet another download, right?

We're all exhausted from the daily barrage of information showing up in our in feeds every day.


But here's the deal...


I created this brand new Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot with a self-appointed goal of helping mission-driven entrepreneurs & small biz owners create stronger, more profitable foundations that create massive impact in the world.


Why? Because I believe in three things:


1. When you make more money, you can do bigger things and help more people.


2. Building your business - and managing your money - doesn't have to be hard. It can even be fun, when we let it!


3. It's my responsibility to show you how to do that in a way that works for you, both in and out of your business.


After nearly 20 years honing my skills in business management, I know this can be easier than we sometimes think. And this new way of thinking about your business can help with that. On your own terms, in your own time.

Is this tool right for you?

Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot is your next best planning resource if...

  • You’re ready to stop wondering and worrying you’re missing something critical in your business & financial management that’s holding you back.

  • You've tried other business coaches and consultants and you're still not seeing the results you want.

  • You're struggling to reach 6-figures in your biz and aren't paying yourself well or consistently yet.

  • You'd like to finally breathe a sigh of relief because everything from your offers to your take-home $$ is flowing well month after month.

As an entrepreneur, I've struggled to understand why things aren't moving as quickly as I'd imagined. And until now I've certainly never felt confident that I'm doing it that well. This tool has helped me get a clearer idea of what I really want to create; it's been really helpful!

Becky G., Designer

You'll have everything you need to create the business of your dreams!

- Charge Your Worth

- Pay Yourself First

- Fund Your Wildest Dreams

Download your Biz Growth Snapshot now!

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Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

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