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a Zen Money Map Training Series

Join me for a bundle of 7 self-paced trainings designed to help you map your version of Zen Money®!

The way you handle your $$ is more important than ever

Your attention is already drawn in a million different directions as an entrepreneur and you have endless demands on your money and time.


In a busy, online world, the opportunities to succeed are as endless as the opportunities to fail...and it all hinges on how well (or poorly) we take care of things on the inside of our business.


To keep your biz growing in the right direction, you need to get a little cozy with your numbers.


Ready to get clarity on first steps to mapping what #ZenMoney means for you?

Join me for my new SELF-PACED Zen Money Seminar Series!

In this series of easy-to-digest webinars, you'll learn:

- 1 -

The 6 Secrets to Zen Money

you must know to create positive cash flow & a strong financial foundation in your business

- 2 -

What To Start Doing Immediately

if you want to have a successful business over the long run (hint: it all begins with your pricing)

- 3 -

A Simple Mindset Shift

every entrepreneur needs to adopt in order to make confident financial decisions

- 4 -

The Single MOST Important Metric To Track

if you want to be one million percent certain you'll be able to pay yourself well & consistently

You Can't Afford To Miss These Seminars if...

  • You’re making money but have no idea where it’s going

  • You want to be able to pay yourself more for all your hard work

  • You’re ready to start making stronger financial decisions and turn your behind-the-scenes biz landscape from “ugh” to “a-MAZing”

A Personal Invitation From Liz

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners master their finances and map their version of Zen Money for nearly 2 decades.


This year alone, I helped my private clients 2x their revenue and generate 300% profit increases over 2019. In the middle of a pandemic. This brand new series of business training is a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the years and created in the Zen Money process.


If you’re committed to making this the year you finally build a powerful relationship with your money management, so you can fully step into your fancy CEO shoes and rock your financial world, I can’t wait to short-track your learning curve and help you get there faster!

Join me for this special 7-part series!

See you soon!

How to Maximize Your Biz Momentum: 6 Simple Steps to Zen Money Mastery

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