Navigating Choppy Waters: What to do When the Going Gets Tough!

Navigating Choppy Waters: What to Do When the Going Gets Tough! ​

Published July 22, 2021 | Business Strategy

My house is loud with three 13-year-old (fully vaccinated) boys engaging in virtual reality games. It's a little distracting, I won't lie.


It feels really weird beginning to delve back into "normal"...or the new normal.


Whatever we're calling it, doesn't it seem like we're at the amusement park, taking yet another spin on the Ferris wheel? Familiar, yet different all at once.


And it has me thinking about all the ways we're constantly navigating ups, downs, and sideways as business owners and entrepreneurs. (Okay, maybe it's more like being on a Tilt-A-Whirl...)


How often has something you planned in excruciating detail not panned out the way you'd envisioned?


How often has a new opportunity caught you by surprise?


How often have you wondered if you're on the right path when things go awry?


It's a given that life will throw us curveballs. (Hello, 2020)


The question is: what's your M.O. for handling those inevitable ups and downs?


Do you curl up in a ball and wait it out, hoping for the best? Or do you face it head on, try different things until something works, and keep on keeping on?


Maybe somewhere in-between?


Some people burst into creating new materials, offers, or services in times of uncertainty. Others pull back drastically.


Both of those versions have merit, but we can take them too far if we're not careful.


In my experience, there are three things we can do to navigate choppy or new waters:


1. Go back to basics


Look at what's actually working and focus on that part of your business. Maybe that new program has taken up a lot of your time & energy, but isn't actually selling. Maybe your tried & true services are still your cash cows. Let's get reinvigorated about those to shore up your financial flow.


2. Plan, plan & plan some more


When you're ready to try something new again, map it out. Then do it again. And again before rolling it out. You'll be surprised by the glitches, new thoughts, and better ways of presenting your stuff that will come up if you give yourself time to explore it before you launch it.


3. Cautiously implement the new


Set yourself parameters for bringing a new offer or service into the world. The key word here is realistic. When we go in with reasonable expectations, it's easier to appreciate it when it all goes really well, and we're less likely to plummet into despair if that new thing isn't a resounding success right out of the gate.


I hope as we all return to the new norm, this is a helpful reminder to take a step back, look at your biz from a few feet away, and adjust your focus accordingly.


Welcome back, here’s to navigating those choppy waters like a true sailor!


If you'd like to explore your new reality further, go here to book time for your Zen Money® Audit. It's the perfect way to get feedback on what's going well, and recommendations to streamline the rest in a personal, 1:1 way with me. See you there!

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