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How to Build the Business of YOUR Dreams - Not Theirs

Published May 11, 2021 | Business Strategy

I built my business on three beliefs: 

  1. When you make more money, you can do bigger things and help more people

  2. Our businesses don’t have to be difficult, and can in fact be loads of FUN!

  3. You can build a business in a way that works for you and your life.

And the fun thing is that when we focus on that third one, it will help you with the other two. 


Have you ever looked to the right or to the left at what your fellow entrepreneurs are doing and felt like your business is just not measuring up? There’s an absolute mountain of noise out there about how to be “successful” in your business and it’s easy to be swept away in a current of comparison - shoulds, have to’s, need to’s - and wind up feeling that you’ll never stack up. 


One person is doing it with this “proven model” and then you see another contradicting the first entirely, telling you to build your business in a completely different way. This all creates a lot of stress and pressure for you to achieve someone else’s definition of success. It can get really confusing and put a significant blur on the outline of your overall vision. 


Aghhhh! What should I even be doing anyway? 


The best way to answer that question is to ask yourself a better one. 


What do you want to be doing? 


What are the goals that align with the life you want to live? You, and only you, get to determine what that is and how it looks. 


👉 How much money do you want to make? 

👉 What impact do you want to have? 

👉 What lifestyle do you want to live? 

👉 What do you love about your business - what lights you up day after day? 


This isn’t the time to look at Sally or Susie and steal her goal of $1M revenue in the next two years, or focus on breaking that six-figure mark, or building a team...unless that’s truly what you want as your next step. Because while all of those things are great, and can be fun, they aren’t necessarily your personal version of success and in the end may not align with your long-term goals. 


If you’ve tried someone else’s biz model on for size a time or two, you know what I’m talking about. You might have ended up learning that their version of success took too much energy to maintain, or cost too much to sustain, or simply wasn’t set up in a way that made you excited to roll out of bed every morning. Usually we wind up looking for the next version to feel better about all the hard work of biz building we’re doing, until we figure out the model that fits us best. Which might not look much like anyone else’s version.


And that’s 100% perfect.


So, I encourage you to sit down, get quiet, and really ask yourself these questions without holding back. Once you get honest and dig into what you truly want, you can start building your Zen Money business. 


The Zen Money Journey


With my private clients and in my workshops, I teach the Zen Money® Method which gives you the space and freedom to build what you want, how you want it. Then, it provides the map to show you how to make the impact you’re craving. 


It begins with dreaming.


Remember those questions I asked you to dive into above? The dreaming stage is where we take time to answer them and live in that oh-so-exciting land of possibility about what our businesses and our lives could be. We get to envision our ideal number of clients, membership participants, or courses launched. We get to dream more deeply about our driving force, our bigger purpose, our why. 


And I encourage all of my clients to spend quite a lot of time here. I want you to feel and imagine what success looks like to you. 


👉 What does being successful mean for your relationship? 

👉 For your business? For your location? 

👉 What does being successful allow you to do just for you?


Once we are clear on our dreams, we can begin to lay out a path to get there.


Time to get mapping. 


If you start where you are today and look at where you want to be, what do you need to get there? Many times when I have someone do the dreaming activity, they find themselves embroiled in tasks and work that isn’t actually helping them reach their version of success. 


They might be focusing on building their membership, when their ultimate goal is to work with clients 1:1. They might be buried so deeply in the day-to-day work that they don’t have the chance to build their business to attract work that doesn’t drain their energy. Or they might be doing the exact work they want, but their pricing doesn’t support their big goals. There are lots of ways we might be a little off track when it comes right down to it.


Once you identify what will light you up, it’s important to map out the steps you need to take to get there. Because what’s the point of dreaming if we can’t see how to actually turn those big visions into reality?


Perhaps the product or service you really want to offer is something that you’re not even sharing or overtly offering. Maybe you need to take on another team member to help get your agency to the next level. The steps look different for all of us, and don’t need to match anyone else’s journey, because remember: we’re building the right business for you. 


Let’s make an impact! 


Once you have your roadmap, it’s time to take action. That’s right, it’s time to hit the road and get your business headed in the right direction.


When you are doing what you love, and driving your business where you want it to go, you can create the impact that matters to you. You’ll find yourself attracting more of the right clients and customers, people that you love to be around and give you confidence in what you’re building along the way! 


A Zen Money business is a business you love. It includes the flow of money in and out of your biz that feels right and sustainable to you. It's doing work that lights you up and getting paid well for your efforts, and working with clients that appreciate what you do for them. 


Ready to build your Zen Money business and want to know how?


My Zen Money Biz Growth Snapshot is a perfect place to start.


You can check out typical business milestones, compare where you are today against them, and then spend some time mapping out a version that sings to you...with a little more clarity and a lot more confidence. All of which will help you ignore all that "success" noise out there.


Download the your snapshot HERE and then come find me on Instagram to let me know how it goes!

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