If you're finally starting to taste the success you've worked so hard to achieve but are just shy of sweet satisfaction, this is the silly-simple way to go...

From Undercharging, Stress, and Selling Yourself Short...

to Chaos-Free Cash Flow!

 The Zen Money®

Biz Growth Snapshot - It's FREE! 

  • Discover your TRUE earning potential and get the clarity and confidence to give yourself a richly-deserved raise TODAY

  • Nix your numbers nausea and replace it with “Numbers Nirvana”—the clarity you need to not just dream big again, but ACHIEVE it ​

  • ERASE money stress, uncertainty, and scarcity—this makes it easy to stop comparing yourself to other “successful” business owners when you see how much sacrifice it takes to get to 7-figures! 

  • Set your own damn definition of success and create a business that works for YOU. Got kids? Want to work only a handful of hours a week? Need time to write that book? Let's set you up with a practical plan so you can get to the sweet spot

  • Skip bookkeepers, accountants, and pricey coaches that just add to your confusion (for now!) and get straight to cushy, consistent cash flow

  • Take the crunch and grind out of your business bank account, so you can see, feel, and ENJOY the success you've already achieved (It's much closer than you think)

YES YES YES!! I LOVE this new tool. I never had a clear view of my business before and this makes it so easy to see. Thank you, Liz!

Stacey N., Social Media Expert

Oh golly! I LOVE page two!!

Emily A., Copywriter

As an entrepreneur, I've struggled to understand why things aren't moving as quickly as I'd imagined. And until now I've certainly never felt confident that I'm doing it that well. This has been really helpful!

Becky G., Designer

10 Minutes to Total Clarity, Control, and Confidence In Your Business...

On paper, you're living the dream. You're well on your way.


But at the end of the month, you feel tight and have no idea where all that bank went...


Trust me—I get it.


I've been there. But I didn't pitch my tent and "glamp" there for too long. And I'll spill all the saucy details a little later...


But first, let's get you sorted, soothed, and PSYCHED about your glorious profit margins!


This is all about creating a business that works for you, not your neighbor... with the number of clients you want, the pricing you want, and the hours per week you want.



Meet Liz Lajoie -->


The biz + money strategist who swears like a pirate and shows business owners how to fall in love with their numbers. (Yes, really!)

Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Numbers Don't Lie, Guess, Or Judge... & That Makes Them the Perfect BFFs for a Business That BOOMS!

A Simple Snapshot That Makes Shattering That Income Ceiling A Cinch

Zen Money® Biz Growth Snapshot

The Zen Money® Biz Growth Snapshot

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Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

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