Are you frustrated with your finances and ready for a painless solution?

Is your business ramping up, but your finances getting you down?

Manage your money better.

From Zero To Zen shows experts, online consultants and creative professionals how to manage their money so their business is fabulously successful. It teaches the new entrepreneur how to dig into one's books, learn exactly what to do and when, and how to take business to a whole new level.

  • Learn how to handle your money well, with a better frame of mind

    Manage your money in good times so you can sail through the bad times, recognize when your finances are flowing well and how to fix them when they're not, and the reason some businesses are successful...and how to achieve it for yourself!

  • Implement bookkeeping best-practices

    Upgrade your client on-boarding process, get paid more quickly, and make strategic financial decisions...confidently!

From Zero To Zen

Secret Keys to Nurturing Your Numbers and Finding Financial Flow

What Readers Say

Whether you are just starting to sign on clients or you are beginning to scale up, I think you need this book! Liz has a straight-forward approach and put managing my business books in terms that made perfect sense to me. I hated the thought of dealing with those numbers and facing up to dollars out versus dollars in each month. This book not only had a ton of practical insight for me, it actually did leave me feeling far more confident and calmer about how I was handling the financial side of my coaching business. Absolutely financial zen!!!

Joann F.

Online Entrepreneur

Liz Lajoie actually makes the world of business finances fun. Seriously. In Zero to Zen, she shows us a way to approach this important aspect of our businesses as though we are walking on sacred ground -- which we are. Read the book, trust the process, and transform your relationship with the numbers. Enjoy the journey!

Erica R.

Business Coach

As a small fledgling business owner with a finance background, I was relieved to read Liz's book. I know I knew some financial basics, but wasn't sure what else I was missing or what I should be thinking about at this stage of the game - and the information she provided (including the reassurance that I didn't need to make large scale investments in my financial structure at this stage!) were specific and informative. I feel like I know what I need to be tracking right now, and I am happy to know who I can go to for support as my business grows. Great resource.

Sara B.

Small Business Owner

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If dealing with your finances makes you cringe and you wish it could just be easy, or if you're a motivated entrepreneur who wants to help people and make money, then From Zero To Zen is for you!

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