Does Your Biz Math Include Downtime?

Does Your Biz Math Include Down Time?

Published August 24, 2021 | Business Strategy

What does your business math allow for your personal life?


It's been the perfect summer vacation week here in midcoast Maine, and in between the rounds of swimming, evening sauna, farmers' markets, fresh food prep, etc., I've been thinking...


Do you know the math you need to take a month away from your business?


...Or how to be sure you can check out on that long-awaited trip to Verona?


I wanted to take a sec to talk about what I like to call "Vacation Math".


The reality is that most of us worry about taking time off as a business owner.


And even when we book that vacation, it's hard to really check out completely with all our coulds, shoulds, and musts in our lives as business owners.


Here's the biz math you need to make sure you can take the time off you need to flourish as as a business owner:


1. Figure out the minimum monthly revenue you can count on from your biz.


Look over the past 6-12 months and find your average income. (Taking your average helps you smooth out those highs and lows so we can find a number we can trust.)


2. Determine your average monthly expenses in your business.


See Step 1 above, the math is the same. 😉


3. Subtract Step 1 from Step 2.


This is your average monthly take home. It's the number we'll use to compare in Step 4...


4. How much do you need to live on if you were to take a month off?


Compare your average profit (see Step 3) against what you actually need in your personal life to keep all your plates spinning.


This review should give you a good idea what you need to make (aka profit earned) and set aside to cover a trip to the Amalfi coast or a month away with your honey.


Obviously, there are other things riding on this math: Ups and downs in your revenue, unusual expenses, unexpected personal expenses...


In general, your basic biz math should help you figure out where and when you can take some much-needed down time to enjoy this life you're building!


Want a way to ensure those days off are completely stress-free?


If you want to put 50% more moolah in your pocket and ensure you can take the time off you need to rest and rejuvenate, lock in pricing that feels amazing, and a sales strategy to get you there faster, join me in the Zero-Stress Pricing Formula here.


Just 4 simple steps in 4 days could change everything. Isn't that worth a look?


Here's to taking some down time!

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