Do You Have These 2 Critical Things In Your Business?

Do You Have These 2 Critical Things in Your Business?

Published September 7, 2021 | Money Mindset

Here's a question: Are you having the time of your life as biz owner?


If your answer is "uh, sometimes..." or "are you kidding, this last quarter was a nightmare!", then it might be time to take a step back for a little reflection.


I'm guessing you got into this whole entrepreneurship thing because you were tired of burning the candle at both ends and things in the work-a-day world were no longer as exciting as they once may have been.


The problem most of us face as masters of our own destiny on this small business ownership road is that we often recreate that same employee work expectations in our own businesses.


It's so dang easy to slip into working many hours for even less moolah (especially in the beginning).


And losing more​ sleep than every before.


So how do we bring back the FUN in business fundamentals?


By focusing on your two "P"s: Pleasure and Profit.


Here's how I like to think about it:


1. If you're not having fun in your day-to-day business life - be that client work, your marketing initiatives, sales calls, staff meetings, etc. - then it's time to reassess all of those activities.


2. If you're not generating the profit you need to take home a healthy paycheck (aka owner's draw for most of us, payroll for the rest), then something's out of whack with your business flow, pricing, spending (or all three).


The good news? It's pretty easy to figure out the fix(es) that will make you start singing again.


Maybe we can inject some much needed energy back into those essential tasks...


...By taking a break (see last week's article about calculating your "vacation math"),

...By assessing if those tasks are even needed (what's really driving your sales, anyway?), or

...By taking a step back to consider if your business is heading in a direction you'd actually like it to go (sometimes we follow a path only to find we're not really interested in the destination after all).




We can review your numbers and revamp your activities to target your actual profit drivers, and maybe (probably) ditch all those other tasks you think you "should" be doing in favor of more free time to read a book, enjoy the sunshine, the occasional take a ride to your favorite farm stand...whatever lights you up OUTSIDE of your business.


Weirdly enough, when we consciously strip out the things that we find overwhelming and focus on the things we love doing, our businesses tend to run more profitably and we enjoy it a whole lot more.


I'm guessing one or all of those things would help you get back to feeling fantastic about your work, if you're feeling a bit of an end of summer reluctance about your work.


(That's what I'm doing this week, now that my fam' is back in school.)


Want a way to ensure that your profit number is booming?


If you want to put 50% more moolah in your pocket and ensure you can take the time off you need to rest and rejuvenate, lock in pricing that feels amazing, and a sales strategy to get you there faster, join me in the Zero-Stress Pricing Formula here.


Just 4 simple steps in 4 days could change everything. Isn't that worth a look?


Here's to keeping it fun and focusing on those 2 "P"s!

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