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When you know how to use your numbers to your advantage and manage your finances to support all areas of your life, your business will thrive, and you’ll find your very own version of Zen Money.

Zen Money Map

Charge Your Worth, Pay Yourself First and Fund Your Wildest Dreams!

Zen Money Map Digital Book

What Readers Say


As a small business owner, I'm constantly devouring marketing- and business-related books, yet none of them ever seems to be on the topic of money - until now. Why do so many of us either assume the money will take care of itself, or just avoid the topic altogether? Zen Money Map is written in a conversational and reassuring tone, making it extremely readable and relatable - nothing like the accounting / finance homework of my business school days! I wish I'd had this book in my library when I was just beginning to launch my business, but I'm banking on the idea that it's never too late to feel "zen" about money. I'd recommend it, not just to those who are running a business, but to anyone who simply wants to have a better handle on their finances and an all-around better relationship with money.

Rebecca Horan

Brand Strategist


Zen Money Map by Liz Lajoie is a meaningful blend of Mind, Art, and the Soul that guides business owners in navigating their financial lives with intelligence, intention, and care. This book is a must read for  entrepreneurs who are great at what they do but are not quite as comfortable with the complexities of money. Liz provides great examples, exercises, and relatable stories that are sure to inspire, influence, and support even the most fearful.

Michael Kay

Certified Financial Planner & Author of The Feel Rich Project and The Business of Life


Zen Money Map all about individual relationships with money, but finally in a way that ties it comfortably to business objectives, larger missions, and recognizing our own value and the value of our superpowers we are bringing to our clients. Easy to read, but filled with very practical and actionable exercises, Ms. Lajoie takes the reader on a journey that can end up in only one place: Financial Clarity and Alignment. If you are scared of, avoid, hate, are frustrated by, or otherwise have a broken relationship with the finances in your business – this is the book for you. She carefully takes you from A to Z with careful, and bite-sized steps. I will be recommending it to my own clients; wherever I’m a CFO, this is a must read!

Pam Prior

Chief Financial Officer & Author of Your First CFO

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If you're a motivated entrepreneur who wants to help people and make money, and you love holding a book in your hand, then Zen Money Map is your best next read!

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