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Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Fun fact: Strategery is my favorite word.


True story: my clients think I spend all of my time geeking out about numbers & financial management. SO. NOT. TRUE. 


While I'm really good at the "ticky tacky" business work, my true zone of genius is being able to see the quickest & easiest path between where you are today and where you want to go in your biz.


And like every entrepreneur & biz owner, I got here in a roundabout way...

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There was a time in my life when I probably would have told you that I’m not a “numbers person.”

It's true. If you had told me twenty years ago that I would be helping successful entrepreneurs build their businesses, I would have laughed. I had no idea how to manage my own finances, much less someone else’s!


My own path to financial literacy was paved with painful mistakes. And if I had jumped into entrepreneurship back then, I would have experienced many of the same emotions you might be feeling now:

  • Caught up in the swirl of debt and worry about my spending decisions…
  • Bored to tears by accounting software…
  • Night sweats during tax season…
  • Guilt over not tracking my numbers as closely as I should have been…

And, without my knowing how to account for it at the time, the cash in my hypothetical business probably would have been flying out the window just as quickly as it was in my personal life.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I know first-hand that not everyone is born a “numbers person.”


Because I’ve felt the discomfort of being insecure about my finances. (Truly, I get it.)


And because I know for sure that this fear, discomfort and confusion around money can be overcome—with a little exposure, education and the right support system.


I was a late bloomer in the world of financial literacy, too.


Even though I’d worked in banking for several years at the start of my career, it wasn’t until I began managing operations for my family’s medical manufacturing business that I realized I had a talent for business building, accounting, and financial management.


I took this newly-discovered talent with me to my next position with a local engineering firm and worked my way up – all the way up – to VP of Finance, Corporate Secretary, and Partner.


One MBA and a buy-in to a multi-million dollar firm later, and I had learned a great deal about running a business where you "sell your brains" for a living, how money can work for and against you, and ways to maximize your finances to grow a your business faster (and with more fun!).


The “old me” never would have imagined becoming an expert in biz growth! But here I was…


Not only had I gotten cozy with numbers, but I had learned how to use them as a tool to take businesses from floundering to flourishing, from great to exceptional.


At the same time, after a decade in that role, I realized that my true passion lay in the work I was doing with friends and family on the side – helping sort out the finances for their small businesses and working with them to achieve their money goals. I decided it was time to embrace my zone of genius so that I could help others pursue theirs.


And Zen Money® was born!

Why Zen Money®?

Because gaining this kind of clarity and control around your numbers erases all feelings of worry, stress and fear about money. It removes that low-level anxiety that you’ve been carrying around, perhaps for years.

Zen Money means understanding your money stories, seeing your present state clearly, and feeling calm, in control and excited about your future.


It’s the exhilaration of fully immersing yourself in what you do best, knowing that your business is running smoothly.


It’s knowing that you’re building a prosperous business that will lead to a thriving personal life.


It’s like putting on a pair of glasses that lets you see your business clearly for very the first time.

Where do you start creating Zen Money when you're feeling overworked, overloaded, and overwhelmed? For me, it all began with a little learning...


As a book nerd & educational junky, programs and courses about building an online business showed me how to build my business in a way that gave me the type of lifestyle, flexibility and scalability I needed.


And, that was super fun!


Because, when you know how to effectively manage your finances and have a clear biz strategy, you can build a better business and put more money in your pocket, to boot.


I’m on a mission to help even more mission-driven entrepreneurs to grow a healthier, more profitable business, radically shift how they think about money, and thrive in the process. 


Your definition of freedom. Your business. Your way. 


If that's you... Hey, there! You're in the right place.

Charge your worth.

Pay yourself first.

Fund your wildest dreams.

Liz creates this energy of peace and calm where you can relax and know that your business is going to be okay... while helping you build solid strategies and make smart decisions for your business.

Tamara Arnold, Business Energy Strategist + Founder of the Chakra Business Academy



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Did you know I'm a 2x author? My books - Zen Money Map: Charge Your Worth, Pay Yourself First, and Fund Your Wildest Dreams and From Zero To Zen: Secret Keys to Nurturing  Your Numbers and Finding Financial Flow - are available on Amazon!

Professional Bio

Liz Lajoie, Zen Money Strategist & CFO, helps build a healthy, profitable business, radically shift how they think about money, and thrive in the process!


After spending 15 years honing her business building and financial management expertise in established firms, Liz launched the Zen Money Initiative to help business owners of all levels make more money, manage it to best advantage, and bring more of it home… building a solid bridge from their business to their personal pocketbooks and beyond.


Liz and her team specialize in a three-pronged approach that includes impactful business strategy, integrated money management, and learning opportunities that meet clients wherever they are on their entrepreneurial adventure – helping them map a version of Zen Money® that springboards growth and instills unexpected peace of mind.


Liz is a speaker and the international two-time best-selling author of From Zero to Zen and Zen Money Map.  She lives in northern New Hampshire with her husband and two kids.

Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

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