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The best thing about working with Liz is that there is NO judgement, FULL support, and accountability in making my finances understandable and fun! (No, really…) I truly recommend this for anyone needing to get clear on your financial plan and how to manage it to your best advantage.

Dr. Kristina H.

Psychiatrist, Author & Speaker

Liz creates this energy of peace and calm where you can relax and know that your business is going to be okay. You don’t need to be stressed, overwhelmed, or worry. And that, to me, is what she represents…being calm, relaxing, at ease with my finances. She creates all of those beautiful things for me, all while helping me build solid strategies and make smart decisions for my business.

Tamara A.

Spiritual Coach & Mentor

After working with Liz, I know exactly where my money is going. Every month I can evaluate my business and personal spending, and adjust accordingly to make sure I have leftover cash in the business. No more scrambling to make ends meet! I learned so much about running a profitable business from Liz. 

Jessica C.

Online Launch Strategist

Maybe this sounds familiar...

You know your business is destined for greatness.


You have a sense of how much money you'd like to bring in next year.


You know you'd like to pay yourself more.


The only piece missing is knowing how to put it all together...


...And knowing you're not missing anything critical to your success!


Whether you're making 5-figures a year or 5-figures a month, working through the Zen Money Map process with me 1:1  will help you reach your goals that much sooner.


And with a lot less stress!!

What if you had a map for your business & personal life that went way beyond "making more money"?

Just imagine…


- Having regular calls and exercises to help you build the financial reality you've always wanted!


- Working on your money management with 1:1  support over the next 3 months!


- Getting experienced, intimate input as you navigate your financial ups & downs and put your new learning to work!


Let’s keep things heading in the right direction...and you feeling amazing about your biz...


- Are you tired of wondering if you’ll have enough cash on hand to cover your credit card bill next month?


- Wondering how to pay yourself and continue growing your business?


- Frustrated because no matter how much money comes in the door, it seems to seep right back out again?


Working with me 1:1 gives you a unique chance for on-going Zen Money support and accountability, without endless hours of group calls and generic feedback. Get what you need, when you need it!

Are you in??

Liz Lajoie | Inner Circle Recalibration

Liz taught me so many important things...not just about my money, but also my worth. I walked away with great new ideas on how to set my packages and my prices. I learned how to charge my worth so that I can pay myself accordingly.

Amy M.

Owner of Train Fierce

Best. Ever. Liz is a total unicorn in the world of business & finance, and I would definitely not be where I am now without her guidance. She's the most powerful combination of genius with numbers, teacher, and support coach. Take her programs, read her books, go talk to her. Just do it!

Megan Jo W.

Founder of Rockstar Camp for Women

Liz really breaks down this information to make it accessible. Her knowledge and teaching style instilled confidence in me. She never made numbers feel like "medicine" I had to take.

Kelly B.

Professional Photographer

Liz Lajoie | Zen Money Strategist & CFO

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