Season 3 | Episode 60

Proceed with Caution:

Building Your Biz YOUR Way

June 7, 2021

Episode in a Nutshell:

Creating a business map for your perfect business model and not someone else's, can be hard when you're trying to set your business apart from all the other competitors, especially in the online marketplace. Let’s talk about building a business YOU love, and building it in YOUR own way.


In this episode, we discuss:

How we compare ourselves to our peers can affect what we have created so far in our business, and in order to truly build a Zen Money business, we need to see what is actually impactful in your business. It’s super easy to tap into external guilt and shame for not hitting certain business goals (6-figures, 7-figures, a $100k launch, etc.), especially when comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs you admire. By taking stock of all the parts of your business you are loving and that are working well for you, and identifying the parts of your business where things aren’t going quite as well, you can begin to map out a business that you absolutely matter what anyone else is doing or striving for!


Show Highlights:

  • 0:50 - Building Your Business Model
  • 2:40 - The Trap of Comparing Yourself to Others
  • 6:00 - Taking Stock and Taking Action

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Hosted by:

Liz Lajoie, Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Liz Lajoie, the “Zen Money CFO”, helps entrepreneurs master their finances and grow thriving businesses that support their passions and advance their big missions.

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