Season 3 | Episode 55

Your Zen Money Work:

Get Your Money Flowing in 15 Minutes or Less

May 3, 2021

Episode in a Nutshell:

Let’s dive deep into one of the primarily pillars of your financial foundation: your daily work strategy! We'll go over some standard rules of thumb to help you stay on top of your business in just a few minutes a week.


In this episode, we discuss:


How to reduce stress around your money management, why you should schedule time to go over your finances weekly, and how to handle those tasks. We’ll also talk about what can happen if you aren't doing this daily work regularly.


Show Highlights:

  • 1:10 - What is your daily work strategy?
  • 2:00 - Rules of thumb
  • 5:15 - Taking care of business time
  • 6:30 - Your weekly tasks
  • 10:15 - Example scenario

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Hosted by:

Liz Lajoie, Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Liz Lajoie, the “Zen Money CFO”, helps entrepreneurs master their finances and grow thriving businesses that support their passions and advance their big missions.

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