Season 3 | Episode 53

The Zen Money Model: Exploring the 3 Pillars of Your Financial House

April 19, 2021

Episode in a Nutshell:

Let's kick off this season talking about the basic concepts of Zen Money with a discussion about the 3 Pillars of your financial foundation. In a nutshell, Pillar 1 is our day to day work, invoices and payments. Pillar 2 is our strategy, where we are today, and where we want to go tomorrow. And Pillar 3 is all about our mindset, where we hold ourselves back, and how that affects our big dreams. Where our pillars intersect point us toward easy areas of growth, both in and out of our business.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Your Zen Money Venn Diagram
  • Tips about how you can approach your money management in an easier way .
  • The 3 primary areas of your financial world that can have a huge impact on your business.

Show Highlights

  • 2:35 - Pillar One
  • 3:20 - Pillar Two
  • 3:50 - Pillar Three
  • 5:50 - Pillar Intersection
  • 10:50 - Your Money Approach
  • 11:40 - Creating Huge Impact

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Hosted by:

Liz Lajoie, Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Liz Lajoie, the “Zen Money CFO”, helps entrepreneurs master their finances and grow thriving businesses that support their passions and advance their big missions.

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