Episode 42:

Stacey Nachajski

Finding Your Social Media Groove

August 10, 2020

Episode in a Nutshell:

Feeling a little at sea with social media for your biz? Stacey Nachajski, founder of EmbraceSocialU, talks all things social and gives us insight into how she's grown a viable online business from home in the past 5 years. Join us for a great conversation about showing up, having fun, why social media is here to stay and how to embrace it in your life!


In this episode, we discuss:

  • The ABC's of social media from Stacey's POV.
  • Learning to let go as a business owner (when hiring help becomes critical).
  • Why the "influencer" model doesn't work for most of us, and why that's a-okay.
  • Consistency is key, tracking is critical.
  • And a ton more great insights!

About Stacey:

Stacey Nachajski works with small business owners and marketing professionals as a Social Media Mentor, Strategist, and Speaker, helping them to make sense of all the pieces involved in their online marketing.


Her background is in public relations and advertising. She created Great Brook Media and Embrace Social U because she found that many small business owners were constantly getting stuck when it came to marketing themselves online. She knows there is so much advice out there, so many great tools and so many strategies to try. So many in fact, that it’s overwhelming and trying is about as far as you get.


She is the driving force behind those changes you KNOW you need to be making in your business to get it rocking online.


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