Episode 30:

Nikki McKnight

Building Your Back Office

May 18, 2020

Episode in a Nutshell:


Have you wondered just how to keep the wheels on your biz bus turning smoothly? We talk with operational strategist & implementation guru, Nikki McKnight, about how you can shift your thinking about your "back office" and grow a thriving team.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to use one or two key metrics to track your progress (and not worry about the rest).
  • The difference between leadership and management (and which you might want to focus on).
  • Why some businesses seem successful on the outside but are a disaster on the inside.
  • What you need to create (and keep) an engaged and excited team.

About Nikki:


Nikki McKnight has 13 years of experience working with companies to improve processes, drive communication and performance, and build a rockstar team. She’s worked with multi-billion dollar retailers, million dollar entrepreneurs, and startup boutiques looking to start off on the right foot. Nikki loves working with the artistic, creative, and spiritual personalities because she truly believes they will be the ones who will change the world for the better.


Nikki loves cycling, pop culture podcasts, romance novels, and hanging with her dog, Riesling. Yes, like the wine.


You can check out her website: www.mcknightoc.com. Or connect with her online: Facebook and Instagram


Reach out to me at Liz@LizLajoie.com if you have any questions!


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