Episode 24:

Building Financial Clarity

April 27, 2020

Episode in a Nutshell:


Do you ever wonder why your financial reality never quite matched up with your goals & dreams? Let's talk about building financial clarity, why we avoid it, and how to put a good plan to work for your business!


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why we feel a disconnect between our business finances and our big dreams.
  • How the Zen Money concept came about.
  • A tried & true goal-setting exercise Liz uses with all her clients.
  • Ways to tie your money goals to your daily decisions so you can thrive!

Reach out to me at Liz@LizLajoie.com if you have any questions!


And be sure to check out my brand new FREE Zen Money Mastery 7-Day Workshop Series to learn 6 critical ways for your business to thrive, with this link:


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Hosted by:

Liz Lajoie, Zen Money Strategist & CFO

Liz Lajoie, the “Zen Money CFO”, helps entrepreneurs master their finances and grow thriving businesses that support their passions and advance their big missions.

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