Episode 22:

Jodi Flynn

Good Enough

September 30, 2019

In this episode, we talk women, leadership and what drives our success.

Episode in a Nutshell:


Liz welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, author, and executive leadership coach, Jodi Flynn. Jodi’s mission is to help ambitious, overworked women to achieve more while doing less. Liz and Jodi discuss women in leadership, overcoming stress and fear, and the importance of being in tune with yourself. They talk about the concept of being ‘good enough’ and fighting those doubting, negative voices in our heads. Finally, Jodi reflects on her entrepreneurial journey and shares her hopes for the future of her business.  

In detail, we covered:


  • 00:46 – Introducing today’s guest, Jodi Flynn
  • 01:53 – Jodi’s entrepreneurial journey
  • 03:09 – Dealing with Golden Handcuffs
  • 05:00 – Travelling the uncertain path
  • 08:17 – Transitioning from account management to coaching
  • 09:36 – The decision to work with women specifically
  • 13:27 – Jodi’s approach to coaching women
  • 15:52 – Overcoming stress, fear, and misconceptions
  • 18:38 – Common issues Jodi has observed from her clients
  • 20:44 – Good enough
  • 23:19 – Jodi speaks to the culture of Type-A Personality
  • 25:27 – The importance of being in tune with yourself
  • 27:14 – Where Jodi got her entrepreneurial spirit
  • 30:34 – Jodi talks about the challenging aspects of starting her own business
  • 33:35 – The importance of self-care
  • 35:40 – Jodi’s hopes for future growth within her business
  • 39:34 – Jodi reflects on what she loves most about running her business
  • 40:44 – Fighting the negative voice in our head
  • 47:28 – What Zen Money means to Jodi
  • 48:14 – Where listeners can follow Jodi

Sound Bites:

  • “I have that dream big gene, I guess.” (02:40)
  • “We hit certain points in life where it’s like all arrows are pointing that way, so go that way. Even though that way is scary, and uncertain, and unknown. The feeling of going the known path just feels like boredom and being stifled.” (05:00)
  • “It’s amazing how quickly we start achieving our goals when other people really connect with us and like us and feel relaxed in our presence.” (15:38)
  • “Once we know whatever belief or misperception is causing the stress and we can talk about it, we can challenge it and change it and take on something new.” (18:14)
  • “I say to many of my clients, ‘Your good enough is better than most people’s best.’” (20:44)
  • “I would say it’s still a struggle. There’s still an uncertainty in my business. I do not have a guaranteed paycheck.” (32:44)
  • “I think the most important thing as a business owner to do is to keep letting people know that you’re in business.” (34:29)
  • “As a coach, a lot of times people are buying you. They’re buying the energy that you bring.” (37:51)
  • “It’s been since I started my business that I truly felt that I was living my life’s purpose. And that is so fulfilling and gratifying” (40:32)
  • “Zen Money to me has an energetic flow. It’s moving, it’s nurturing, it’s taking care of us. I would say Zen Money is the money that heals and restores us.” (47:58)

About Jodi

Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead is an Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator for people-leaders. She works with rising women to improve the skills that help them advance to the top levels in their career. She is the host of the critically acclaimed Women Taking the Lead podcast and an Amazon bestselling author with her book, Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to Doing. Jodi has spoken at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, The Maine Women’s Conference, Podcast Movement, and the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference. She is the President for the board of The Maine Women’s Conference and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine. 


You can follow Jodi online here: Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In. Or shoot her an email: jodi@womentakingthelead.com.

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Are you striving for "good enough" in your business? What does that look like?


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