Episode 21:

Amber Swenor

Rooted in Authenticity

September 23, 2019

In this episode, we talk about team building, small business challenges, and transitioning roles while staying true to your ultimate goals as an entrepreneur.

Episode in a Nutshell:


Liz welcomes to the podcast brand strategist, speaker, and personal development and business strategy coach, Amber Swenor. Amber and Liz talk about overcoming initial fears in starting a new business. Amber discusses the challenges small businesses and startups face with branding as well as the importance of transparency. Finally, Amber shares how she was successfully built two businesses that complement each other in a variety of ways.

In detail, we covered:

  • 00:49 – Introducing today’s guest, Amber Swenor
  • 01:25 – Amber’s entrepreneurial journey
  • 03:40 – Overcoming fears to open your own business
  • 08:45 – How Amber curated her business prior to launch 
  • 10:06 – Launching her business, Strategic Partners Marketing
  • 11:33 – Transitioning to helping a larger audience on different platforms
  • 13:25 – Amber speaks to the most challenging aspects of growing her business
  • 16:44 – The importance of honesty and transparency
  • 19:15 – Learning to become a project manager
  • 25:06 – The value of learning from past mistakes
  • 26:13 – Amber discusses the efforts she put into Impact Academy
  • 29:02 – Revisiting short-term, mid-term and long-term goals of her companies
  • 35:18 – What Zen Money means to Amber
  • 36:22 – Where listeners can follow Amber

Sound Bites:

  • “One of my mentors says, ‘Iterate as you go,’ and I live by that.” (07:18)
  • “We strive to work with people that are passionate about being their best. And I didn’t want us to be bound and limited by only working with those mission-driven entrepreneurs that were within our region.” (11:59)
  • “If you care about your team, it’s your responsibility to have ongoing conversations so that they have the opportunity to step into their growth and not be blindsided if they’re not performing.” (22:02)
  • “We’re about helping to find the best solution.” (32:36)
  • “I think of Zen Money as being rooted in your authenticity and flow. Zen Money is alignment.” (36:08)

About Amber

Amber Swenor is a business and life strategist that helps people to make their dreams a reality. She is the founder of Strategic Partners, a brand strategy agency and marketing firm that provides business strategy and marketing services for passionate people and companies.


She’s also the founder of Impact Academy, where she provides coaching, speaking, programs and retreats on personal development and business strategy. She helps people to live their most authentic badass lives by getting clarity for their dreams and creating strategies to go for them. She helps heart-centered service providers, healers and creatives to build businesses that are authentic to them, and are both impactful and profitable.


She’s a 2019 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Graduate, 2018 Vital Voices International VVGrow Fellow, 2018 Madison Magnet Super Connector finalist, 2017 Brava Magazine Woman to Watch, 2017 Young Athena Award Finalist, 2017 In Business Magazine 40 under 40. 


She’s current authoring her first book titled, Unleashed, to be released March 2020. 


When she’s not strategizing to help you live your most badass life, you’ll find her rocking the stage with her band, Morningstar. You can follow Amber online here: Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In.

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