Episode 16:

Giovanni Marsico

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

August 5, 2019

In this episode of the show, we talk community-building, connecting with your dream clients, and creating a team of superheroes.

Episode in a Nutshell:


Liz welcomes visionary entrepreneur Giovanni Marsico to the podcast. Giovanni is the founder of Archangel Academy, a movement that curates and connects mission-driven entrepreneurs who are making real impact in the world. Giovanni is also a master of building great businesses and shares his philosophy on money, work, and community building. He speaks to the importance of establishing a strategy and continuously seeking out creative solutions. Finally, Giovanni leaves the audience with some key takeaways on how to build and serve their own tribe.

In detail, we covered:

  • 00:54 – Introducing today’s guest, Giovanni Marsico
  • 02:06 – Giovanni's business background
  • 03:32 – Giovanni's views on money
  • 04:52 – Finding balance between making money and serving others
  • 06:19 – Giovanni speaks to the pressures he felt as a young man

  • 08:22 – How Giovanni views work

  • 08:57 – Community building

  • 12:13 – Giovanni shares secrets about his Archangel events

  • 14:03 – How Giovanni has differentiated his business.

  • 16:32 – Lessons learned from developing the Archangel community

  • 17:58 – Giovanni's early financial decision-making

  • 19:27 – Learning from past mistakes

  • 21:02 – Strategic advice Giovanni gives entrepreneurs

  • 23:47 – How Giovanni continues to integrate fresh ideas into his business

  • 25:13 – Giovanni speaks to managing his team

  • 26:56 – The importance of transparency

  • 29:42– What Zen Money means to Giovanni

  • 31:02 - Giovanni leaves the audience with one key takeaway

  • 31:40 - Where listeners can connect with Giovanni

Sound Bites:

  • "I slowly discovered that  dreaming is a superpower of mine. That when I have my head in the clouds - the thing I was told not to do - I perform at my best." (02:41)
  • "To me, money has no polarity. It's just a tool that you use to achieve the mission." (03:58)
  • "I probably work harder than the average person. It doesn't feel like it. It feels like I'm a producer, creator and artist. I believe that we can all get to the point where work doesn't feel like an obligation, it feels like fascination." (08:22)
  • "You can't read the label of the jar you're in." (10:25)
  • "I focus on building the tribe first and then serving them, versus building the product first and figuring out who needs the thing." (12:37)
  • "If you can evoke emotion, you will retain wisdom." (16:03)
  • "You want to get to your zone of genius as quickly as possible, because that's where momentum happens, that's where the biggest impact and revenue happens." (22:48)
  • "That, to me, is what Zen Money is. Scaling and growing, impacting mission first so that you can serve so many people in a way that's never highly stressed, where you're always creating, you're always feeling like an artist, and always staying in that place." (30:29)

About Giovanni

Giovanni is the founder of Archangel Academy a private membership community of mission-driven entrepreneurs that are making the world a better place through purpose-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.


Giovanni hosts his flagship mastermind event, Archangel Academy, every January in the Los Angeles area, and the epic Archangel Summit every fall in Toronto. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram to learn more, and be sure to check out the Archangel community.

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