Episode 14:

Kelli Reese

Roadmap to Success

July 22, 2019

In this episode of Zen Money Monday, we dive into the full entrepreneurial journey, its unexpected lessons, and what living in "the void" means for those in transition.

Episode in a Nutshell:


Liz welcomes leadership and relationship expert, author, and entrepreneur, Kelli Reese to the podcast. Kelli’s background and experience are extensive and eclectic. From running a thirty-four-million-dollar company to starting multiple businesses from scratch to becoming a leadership and transformational coach, Kelli has truly done it all. Kelli talks about the importance of doing work that is spiritually fulfilling. She shares her thoughts on networking with entrepreneurs, working with like-minded and hardworking individuals, and never giving up on what you want.

In detail, we covered:

  • 00:49 – Introducing today’s guest, Kelli Reese
  • 02:43 – How Kelli got involved in the food movement
  • 06:55 – The biggest lesson Kelli learned from working in the restaurant business
  • 09:05 – The next stage of Kelli's entrepreneurial journey
  • 13:25 – Kelli's experience acting as the manager of a company she didn't own

  • 15:24 – Stepping into the CEO-level role

  • 18:24 – Running an eight-figure business

  • 22:26 – The biggest challenges Kelli faced in her role running at $34 million company

  • 25:04 – The decision to pursue a career that aligned with Kelli's spiritual path

  • 27:24 – Kelli recalls her time working at a Wall Street investment firm

  • 29:23 – Why Kelli chose to leave her "dream job"

  • 30:30 – How Kelli has applied business lessons learned to her role in coaching

  • 33:25 – Kelli's incredible network of entrepreneurs

  • 41:52 – What Zen Money means to Kelli

  • 43:29 – Where listeners can connect with Kelli

Sound Bites:

  • "I brought my resume on my honeymoon because all good women do that." (12:05)
  • "Growth is fun. When you're growing it's so fun. The downhill stuff, not so fun. The trying to figure it out, not so fun." (15:54)
  • "There's nothing more depressing, for me, than walking into a grocery store, a natural foods store, especially the small mom and pops, and seeing empty shelves." (17:51)
  • "My personal mantra is, 'I want to work with people who want to do the work.'" (21:55)
  • "I learned that it's not okay for me to allow myself to be where I'm no longer meant to be." (28:23)
  • "I need to continue my growth work. That's what I've been dedicated to for more than twenty years. And I believe entrepreneurship is the biggest dive into your personal growth work. But I also need to include my spirituality and my spiritual path in the work that I do." (35:39)
  • "It manifests outwardly, that's how it comes in. It's just energy, right? But money itself, the way that it comes to me is through the relationship that I have with it. So I need to be respecting it when it comes." (40:39)
  • "I put money where it needs to go now, which is very empowering. And that is what Zen Money feels like to me. Feeling centered and understanding and knowing where your money is and where it's going every time it comes in." (41:52)

About Kelli

Kelli Reese is a former CEO turned Leadership and Transformation Coach. She's an Amazon bestselling author of two books: The Destiny Roadmap and The Relationship Roadmap.


In 2015, she boldly walked away from a 17-year career running a $34 million organization. A year and a half later, she left her 15-year relationship to find her path beyond a stressful six-figure job, a BMW and the idea of the “perfect” marriage. 


Kelli's draws from twenty years of experience in business, leadership, and personal growth and development. She's devoted nearly two decades to spiritual expansion and the study of self-mastery. As a Practical Mystic, she seamlessly combines her spiritual side with her business acumen to lead clients and readers on a bold journey of self-discovery and clarity.


Kelli is location independent and works remotely with female executives, founders and CEOs. Everything she does is geared toward giving women the tools and practices to develop trust and confidence in accessing their internal guidance and creating the relationships, career and life they yearn for.


She has been featured in Fierce CEO, Bustle, BestLife, CBNation, Washington Magazine, International Living, and as a guest on radio and podcasts, most recently – The Truth Prescription Podcast, Technology for Mindfulness, WOW FM 100.5, Talk with Francesca, LocoGringo, Graceful Healing Podcast and The Mental Insights Podcast. 


You can find information about Kelli's programs and readings here: https://www.kellireese.com/

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