Episode 10:

Linda Ugelow

Taking Center Stage

June 24, 2019

In this episode of Zen Money Monday, we talk about performance as entrepreneurs and how to manage fear.

Episode in a Nutshell:


Liz welcomes speaker, trainer, coach and entrepreneur, Linda Ugelow to the podcast. With a background as a performer and a master’s degree in Expressive Therapies, Linda has been helping people get comfortable in their own skin for decades. She shares her eclectic work experience, from running a dance studio to organic farming to confidence coaching. Finally, Linda reflects on the genesis of her fears and the steps she took to overcome these roadblocks to success.

In detail, we covered:

  • 01:05 – Introducing today’s guest, Linda Ugelow
  • 01:37 – Linda speaks about the work she does with performance and empowerment
  • 03:05 – Linda's background in the performing arts
  • 05:54 – For the love of dance
  • 07:43 – Linda's career evolution

  • 09:55 – Why Linda considers herself a second-tier early adopter

  • 11:58 – Linda reflects on the genesis of her fears

  • 14:52 – The variety of ways Linda works with clients

  • 15:30 – Working with clients in-person vs. online

  • 16:54 – The most common client issues Linda encounters

  • 19:28 – How Linda works with creative outside-the-box entrepreneurs

  • 21:18 – Linda's perspective on business building

  • 22:58 – How Linda defines success

  • 24:15 – What Zen Money means to Linda

  • 25:11 – Linda talks about her upcoming book

  • 25:57 – Takeaways Linda wants the audience to know

  • 28:01– Linda announces a free guided confidence meditation for listeners

Sound Bites:

  • "I want people to get to the place where they're not being held back by fear. Not because they're pushing through it, but because they're pushing through it, but because there isn't anything to push through." (02:17)
  • "When I got to Day 75, it just dawned on me, 'This is ridiculous. Practice is not a kind of panacea for fear!'" (11:00)
  • "I didn't feel safe in front of the camera or an audience because there was part of me that remembers it was dangerous to be put in the center of attention in that way." (13:22)
  • "When you are an entrepreneur, you need to take a stand on what you believe." (17:24)
  • "As I go into any kind of new venture, I have the tools, and the capacity, and the openness and freedom to accept where I am." (22:36)
  • "Zen Money is a sense of equilibrium and balance. It's not a static place but it's more like a dance or an interaction where we find our sense of relationship that is unclouded by our past." (24:37)

About Linda

Linda Ugelow is a speaker and presentation confidence coach who helps people liberate themselves from the fear of being seen whether it’s on stage, on camera, in the media or the meeting room. Through private and group workshops on and offline, she helps both new and seasoned experts step into their most charismatic and natural selves so they can make the impact they dream of.


She's the producer and host of the TV show Women Inspired and was host/emcee at the TEDx Debrecen University in Hungary. Her upcoming book Delight in the Limelight is due out in the spring of 2020.


To learn more about Linda's work, follow her on Linked In or visit her website: www.lindaugelow.com

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This week's question is:


What techniques do you use to navigate performance opportunities - speaking, networking, leading meetings, etc.?


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Fun Free Stuff

Check out these resources we discussed in this episode:


Guided Meditation for Speaking Confidence: www.lindaugelow.com/speakingconfidence - Enjoy this free meditation from Linda! Check it out to explore managing your nerves and embracing your next speaking opportunity.


#ZenMoneyMap: www.zenmoneymap.com/moneystyle - Learn your Zen Money Financial Archetype and start levering your unique money style to your advantage with quick wins today!

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