Episode 7:

Sumi Krishnan

Getting Into Alignment + Changing the World

June 3, 2019

In this episode of Zen Money Monday, we talk about success and building something that sings to us.

Episode in a Nutshell:


In this episode, Liz welcomes to the show business owner, entrepreneur, artist, and activist, Sumi Krishnan. Liz and Sumi talk about the importance of having the right mentality and striving for continuous improvement. Sumi opens up about her passion for music and her perpetual desire to become a singer and songwriter. Finally, Sumi reflects on her latest project, Love Revolution, which challenges us all to wage love for the betterment of our world.

In detail, we covered:

  • 00:58 – Introducing today’s guest, Sumi Krishnan
  • 01:32 – Sumi shares the multiple transitions she's gone through over the past year
  • 03:17 – The genesis of Sumi's first multi-million-dollar business
  • 07:35 – Having a mentality that anything is possible 
  • 10:38 – Sumi talks about continually refining her approach
  • 13:08 – The desire to become a singer/songwriter and performer
  • 17:06 – The importance of being passionate about what you do

  • 22:17 – Sumi's Love Revolution

  • 26:52 – Where listeners can connect with Sumi

Sound Bites:

  • "What I've noticed is that really the only thing that's determined whether or not I was able to succeed is how much I actually believed in it and how much I actually wanted it." (04:13)
  • "What's always been in me, sort of through my blood, in my DNA, in my bones, was this desire to sing...to really be a songwriter and performer." (13:51)
  • "Hard work is necessary, but it won't feel hard when it's in alignment." (19:32)
  • "We're so in our heads about how are we going to be personally successful, that we forget we might not even have clean air to breathe or clean water to drink if we don't get our little heads out of our asses." (23:49)

About Sumi

Sumi Krishnan is most widely known for founding and growing K4 Solutions, Inc. -- a multi-million dollar government contracting company she started in college. After growing a team of more than 200 people and serving large public programs from TSA to Medicare, last year Sumi graduated from Harvard with her Masters in Public Administration. In 2019, she officially stepped down as President of K4 to pursue the dream she’s carried with her since she was a little girl: to make music & perform. Now located in Nashville, TN, Sumi is pursuing her love of singing and songwriting through the Love Revolution, a socially conscious community of people who are doing what they love, embodying love, and waging love for a better world. 


To learn more about Sumi's new projects, you can also follow her @sumikrishnan on Instagram.  

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