Episode 4:

Leah Carver

Balance, Stability & Wellness for Entrepreneurs

May 23, 2019

In this episode of Zen Money Monday, we talk about best ways to keep our balance as biz owners.

Episode in a Nutshell:


In this episode, Liz welcomes health & wellness expert Leah Carver to the show. Liz and Leah talk about the importance of maintaining stability in your life, how health & wellness affect your success as an entrepreneur, and how best to build a lifestyle that supports your big dreams.

In detail, we covered:

  • 00:54 – Introducing today’s guest, Leah Carver
  • 01:57 – Leah explains her role as a health coach
  • 02:28 – Why many entrepreneurs disregard their health as an asset
  • 03:16 – The biggest issue Leah encounters with entrepreneurs 
  • 07:07 – Leah speaks to the stress women entrepreneurs face
  • 08:07 – The importance of being honest with yourself
  • 09:43 – Liz opens up about her own experiences with health concerns
  • 11:02 – Small practices we all can follow to reduce stress
  • 13:27 – Leah gives advice on first steps to de-stress and improve health
  • 14:49 – How Leah's work is different from self-care
  • 17:28 – The importance of stability
  • 19:35 – What Zen Money means to Leah
  • 19:57 – One takeaway Leah wants the audience to know
  • 21:49 – Liz and Leah speak about spirituality
  • 22:59 – Where listeners can find Leah

Sound Bites:

  • "I think that we're training, for a long time, that the external demands that are being put on us are more important than what we're feeling inside." (2:55)
  • "One of my taglines is 'Building a lifestyle that supports you instead of a lifestyle you support.'" (05:38)
  • "I've always said, and been taught by my teachers, that stress is eighty percent the cause of disease." (10:36)
  • "It is finding balance. And the thing that is common among all of those things - our business, our kids, our families, our passions - it's us." (13:00)
  • "You want to make sure that your anchor is grounded in. You want to make sure that you're not going anywhere when you take your eyes off the mark for a moment." (19:05)

About Leah

Leah Carver is the best-selling author of Undoing Hashimotos, co-host of Your  Life Practice podcast, health expert, and founder of the "Claim Your Health, Claim Your Life" movement.


To learn more about Leah's work, visit www.leahcarver.com. You can also connect with Leah on social media here: 

Email     Facebook     Instagram

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This week's question is:


How are you balancing your energy and physical well-being as you build your business?


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